The Wasatch Classic

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I spend a lot of time during the winter months doing my best Edward Abbey impression. That is, I write a lot here about my affection for Utah’s canyon country. And while I truly do love the deserts of the Southwest, the Rocky Mountains are where I call home. Right above me, in the mountains […]


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Monday was the 2nd Annual Stan Crane Memorial Race. I never knew Stan, but I was honored to race in his memory with so many people who did know him. The turnout was huge, one of the biggest of the season. I lined up with 20 or so other singlespeeders, and off we went. I […]


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The Hopi have a legend about how they came to live in this world, the fourth world, as they called it. There are many variations to this story, but they all agree on certain points. The world in which they lived was corrupt, depraved, and evil. It was an unhappy life, so they sought higher […]

Vote For Pedro

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Vote for Team Shannifer to go to the TransAlp Ultimate XC ChallengeJennifer Hanks and her husband Shannon Boffeli are both US pros looking to make a big impact on the Trans Alp this year. Team Shannifer, in the tradition of Hollywood legends Bennifer and Brangelina, want to race the Trans Alp calling it a once […]


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Yesterday I had more to say about the KTR. Today…not so much. I think I just want to put the weekend to bed, and not dwell on it too much. I finished the race, in spite of myself. I would have quit had there been a convenient way to do it. But since there was […]

The Show Went On

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In the end, people who came to ride the Kokopelli Trail got to do so. But it took a lot of discussion with the Powers That Be. I think they realized that I could easily call off the ride, (which I did) but despite that, nobody planned on simply going home. I tried to get […]

Bee El Emm

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The KTR has taken on an interesting twist, or at least potentially has. Go here to read more about it. The prospect of BLM agents trying to pull people off the trail, or chase down someone is humorous, and I really don’t think it will come to anything like that. But I can see them […]

Reading Material

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Something epic this way comes…


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Kokopelli Trail image of the day:

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