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I climbed a long way today on loose rocky singletrack. I had no power in the legs, and there was no mojo either. To top it off, I hadn’t really planned for a huge ride, but that is what it was shaping up to be. So I decided to head home. I came to a trail junction, and feeling confident where the intersecting trail led, I pointed the bike down. And wow…did I go down. The elevation profile actually goes vertical. What took me nearly 2 hours to climb, I descended in about 15 minutes. The trail just went straight down the mountain. No switchbacks or traverses, just down.

My gloves have Ergon green embedded into them I was holding on so tight.

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  1. Kris
    May 2, 2007

    I rode down Dry Canyon from Big Baldy once years ago. It was a trench that felt like going down a bobsled run. The real possibility of catching a pedal on either bank kept my concentration focused. I remember one section that was so steep and loose that I just had to run it out or risk locking the front wheel (would not have been good). Seems that trail is a local MTB rite of passage.

    Nowadays I usually ride the 051 trail that was put in a few years ago. Fun trail. Not as much climbing, but no death descent (well, except for the rocky ledge spot in the narrows and rail-road ties at the bottom).

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