Kokopelli’s Trail

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One of the reason’s I had so much fun at last year’s KTR was the incredible terrain. The Moab area is one of my favorite places on the planet. Especially Fisher Valley. That entire area is nothing short of spectacular. Last year we rode through under the cover of darkness, dimly lit by the moon. In fact there were times when the moon shone bright enough to catch a glimpse of Fisher Towers or far down into Professor Valley. It was some of the best ride experience I have had.

This weekend I get to go back and ride the same route, this time during the day, and in the opposite direction (Dewey to Moab). I am excited to get back into that country, to feel dwarfed by the giant rims and canyons, to ascend from desert to alpine, and then descend back down to desert. The mojo has always flowed in that area for me. From high school camping trips, to the KTR…I can only hope that trend continues on this weekends KT exploration.

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  1. Cellarrat
    April 20, 2007

    see you in the am!

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