The Bronchoscopy

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My 2 year old son had choked on a piece of apple last week. We thought he got it all up, but afterwards he was wheezing. When that didn’t clear up after a few days we decided to get it checked out. Long story short…last night he had a bronchoscopy, where the doctor goes down the throat with a scope and clears out any obtrusion. Sure enough, a small chunk of apple was found in his right bronchus, and then removed.

It meant 18 hours at the hospital, about 17 of which were spent waiting. Either waiting for the surgery to happen, or waiting afterward to get the all clear to go home.

So now everyone is home, and doing fine. And while this was a fairly common procedure, there is something unnerving about handing off a 2 year old to strangers, and entrusting his life in there (capable) hands.


  1. Chris
    April 18, 2007

    He’s really cute Adam, glad he’s all okay now. Bet that was a stressful day!

  2. Travis Swicegood
    April 18, 2007

    Wow – glad everything turned out ok.

  3. Jason
    April 19, 2007

    Scary stuff. Glad all is well. Thought are with you and your family.


  4. Dave Byers
    April 19, 2007

    Scary stuff. Very glad to hear the little guy is back home doing well. Now hopefully everyone can get some rest.

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