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Stay close to home, and race the E12 on June 23? or… Travel a bit and do the Kaibab on June 16? or… Throw inhibition out the window and do both!?

What goes Up….

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I climbed a long way today on loose rocky singletrack. I had no power in the legs, and there was no mojo either. To top it off, I hadn’t really planned for a huge ride, but that is what it was shaping up to be. So I decided to head home. I came to a […]

The Human Experience?

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Behind me the TV is on. Some talking head on ESPN is trying hard to sound intelligent about some NFL prospect. The NFL draft is looming, and ESPN devotes far, FAR to much time to it. It’s teams picking players. Picking teams. Remember when you were a kid on the playground, and teams were picked? […]

Living On the Dash

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Justin Kline at Princeton Tec has been really cool this year in helping me out with lights for my races. The PT Switchback series is easily the best set up I have tried, and they come in at a good price point. In the market for lights? Take a serious look at the Switchback series. […]


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The second half of the Kokopelli Trail is all about gaining, and then losing altitude. Big climbs follow big descents follow big climbs. From Dewey to the summit of Entrada Bluffs road is an 11 mile grinder. Made more difficult than it needs to be by loose rocks and sand. I think Mike Curiak once […]

Dewey Bridge to the Slickrock TH

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Saturday was a good time. 5 of us set out to debunk the KT from Dewey to Slickrock. Dave Nice turned around after a few miles, feeling sick. So 4 of us, me Ed, Jen and Gary continued on into the misty morning. Trail conditions were ideal. The rain kept the sand ridable and the […]

Kokopelli’s Trail

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One of the reason’s I had so much fun at last year’s KTR was the incredible terrain. The Moab area is one of my favorite places on the planet. Especially Fisher Valley. That entire area is nothing short of spectacular. Last year we rode through under the cover of darkness, dimly lit by the moon. […]

The Bronchoscopy

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My 2 year old son had choked on a piece of apple last week. We thought he got it all up, but afterwards he was wheezing. When that didn’t clear up after a few days we decided to get it checked out. Long story short…last night he had a bronchoscopy, where the doctor goes down […]

Single Minded

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I am getting to the point, which happens before every big race, where I start to focus exclusively on that upcoming event. In this case, the KTR is up next. And what a wonderful beast it is. 142 miles, no support, deserts, mountains, red rock and a very cool mojo that permeates the route. Kokopelli […]

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