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Each day I seem to have something I intended to write about. And then the day is over before I ever get a chance to do so. Ah well.

The weather is way to nice for this time of year. Winter is going to make at least one more appearance. It always does. Winter always has to get in the last word. But for now, I am enjoying the war temps, dry dirt and blue skies.

The Rim Ride is Saturday. It is going to be hard. Really hard. I am going to give it my best, and do everything I can to finish that beast. This week will be about getting gear, mind and body ready to rumble.

I have been putting a bit of thought into lightweight sleeping bags, bivy’s and pads. Budget is always an issue, and lightweight stuff isn’t always budget friendly. But that doesn’t stop me from pouring over websites, blogs and frequenting the local camping stores. I love gear browsing, and seeing all the cool stuff out there.

Why am I looking into this gear? Well it is NOT to do the GLR. I don’t think that race is for me. At least not yet. Perhaps down the road…maybe. However, I do like the idea of doing some multi-day bike trips. The KT, White Rim, CT and others might be a fun way to camp, and bike all at once.

Do any of you multi-day vets have any suggestions?

And finally, I have a whole bunch of new blogs I need to link up. I plan on doing those in the next day or two. I love how many people are writing about their riding.

OK, that’s all for now.


  1. Chris
    March 19, 2007

    Montbell is currently blowing out their 725fill sleeping bags. I’ve got one of their older #7 alpines (no zipper). Weighs 15oz, good to the 40s without extra insulating layers. I think they still have one in the boulder store for $116. The ones on their webspecials are good too and you can pick your price and temp rating.

    Pads are easy. $5 blue foam pad cut to size. Bivies are tougher. Depends how much minimalizm you’re willing to accept. I like my 6oz $110 montbell bivy but it’s as basic as they come.

    If you want to learn to sew you can make your own stuff too. It’s not that hard really.

  2. Dave Byers
    March 20, 2007

    Great thread. I have been thinking about overnight bike adventures too lately. If I had the gear, I would do an overnight of the KT as recorn prior to the race but I don’t think I will have it together in time. I am drooling over the Western Mountaineering HighLite bad right now. The Marmot Atom looks very nice too. Before buying a bivy, try going to a store and actually crawl into one with your bag in it and make sure there is enough room.

  3. Carney
    March 20, 2007

    I just did a tour of the White Rim trail, It’s a must do ride for anyone, I was a guide on the trip so we took a painfully slow pace and did it in 4 days. It would make a sweet 1 day ride, but two days would allow more enjoyage of the senery, as there is plenty to be had. I’d put it on the short list for sure.

  4. Rod Boynton
    March 21, 2007

    Hey, as a tribute to our buddy Sean Rainer you should pack a harmonica! I recommend Honer.

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