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I have slowly begun my regular training routine again, and honestly, it has been a slow process. I am not going to rush back from a solo 24 in February. This coming week looks promising though. Next weekend I am planning on being in Moab to pre-ride the Rim route. According to this thread, others will be down there as well.

UtRider asked me via my comments section how I recover from a solo 24. The short answer is: Sleep and eat. The week following a solo 24 I find myself nodding off during the day quite a bit. I try my best not to fight that, and just allow myself to get some nice afternoon naps in. Sometimes work schedules get in the way of a good nap though. In that case, I just try and get to bed earlier in the evening.

The other thing I do is eat. A lot. I try and eat good foods that will help my body heal and recover, but sometimes I get a guilty craving for some quality junk food. I usually allow myself to indulge.

After a week or so I start getting in mild workouts. Some on the bike, some off. I take it slow, and I don’t try and push anything. It is a day by day process as I see how I feel. The last couple of weeks I have been on the floor doing a lot of regeneration work from this book. The deep massage workouts are painfully good.

There is also a time of mental recovery. I try not to get to heavy into planning the next big thing. I like to give myself a break from the normal tunnel vision I tend to get when it comes to training and racing.

So, that is it in a nutshell. Nothing to technical or top secret. Just a lot of R&R really.

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