Ahh, Spring

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Ah, Spring. From seventy degrees to forty, and back again. That is Spring on the Wasatch Front. But the schizophrenia is not limited to the mountains. Currently there is a freeze warning for Moab, Grand Junction, Paradox Valley…in short, Grand Loop country. Three weeks ago I rode in Moab under sunny skies, one week ago I rode in Moab under rainy ones.

What’s to be done? Take it in stride I suppose. With the Rim Ride getting short changed I had planned on this being a big training week. Instead, I am feeling sluggish, with cold symptoms. I get that sleepy, droopy look around 6 PM. It is late March, the body is tired and the weather is lame.

All signs point to rest.

It’s easier to tolerate the bad weather after a summer full of hot dusty heat. When the world is thawing, and arm warmers craving to be shelved, these set backs are to be expected. However, that still doesn’t make them any easier to swallow. Alas, there is nothing to be done, so nothing will be done.

Except perhaps, appreciate this desert season. After the KTR I most likely won’t see Moab until late October. The summer months are the high country months. The days above 10,000 feet, the hike-a-bikes through summer snow pack, and the endless single track winding over ridge after ridge after….

Spring is the time for the desert. And despite the clogging mud of last week, I will take those days and save them for future basement rides and spin classes. Despite the stubborn Utah winter, it’s hard not to smile and know, that summer is at the door.

The Ridge Trail 157

From my album 2 Wheeled Photos

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  1. StupidBike
    March 30, 2007

    Phoenix was 75, sunny an dthe trails are sweet.

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