The Ramble Tamble; Up Close

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When I was in college I had a cinematography class. We didn’t shoot one inch of film. Instead we spent our time shooting still photos, learning the craft of exposure, film speed, of our assignments was to shoot several photos of the same object. I of course shot pictures of my bike. Well, I […]

Ahh, Spring

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Ah, Spring. From seventy degrees to forty, and back again. That is Spring on the Wasatch Front. But the schizophrenia is not limited to the mountains. Currently there is a freeze warning for Moab, Grand Junction, Paradox Valley…in short, Grand Loop country. Three weeks ago I rode in Moab under sunny skies, one week ago […]


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New Links

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I finally got around to adding some new links to the blog roll. It took me long enough. They are all good reading, so go enjoy! Dave ChenaultMarko Ross-BryantTom PurvisCraig BarlowBernice PiersonEd EllingerEddie Odea Tom Purvis has a great explanation for how he named his blog, Team Velveeta: “As of 2007, racing mountain bikes has […]


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More and more I find myself turning toward the single speed. Maybe I am feeling the effects of getting derailed on Saturday, but when I pulled into my garage I could have sworn the SS was mocking me. It had this way about it, as it hung against the wall, a sort of “You never […]


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My day ended early, but it was still a good day. It started early as well. 4 AM early. A light mist filled the air and the streets were wet with recent rainfall. Dave Harris and I rode the black streets toward the start line. I had flashbacks to another wet dark morning in August, […]

Early Exit

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Moab was rainy and wet. No mud until about mile 20. The mud was terrible, but short lived. Mile 24, my derailleur hanger snapped. I tried in vain for the next 30 minutes to make a single speed out of my bike. I should have just brought the single in the first place 🙂 My […]


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“The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune’s spite; revive from ashes and rise.” –Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra– In a few hours I will head down to Moab for the Rim Ride. 2 Weeks ago I pre-rode most of the course and came away from that doing everything […]

2 Day Air?

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I love UPS and their “2 Day Air”. Normally I am fairly patient when a package is on the way. This particular one is a Jandd frame pack however, and I am planning on using it on Saturday. So I ordered faster shipping so I could get it dialed in a bit. It should have […]

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