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Cycling News has some nice photos from Old Pueblo up.

A few of the ones my Support chief Brad Mullen shot are here.

That reminds me. I nearly let OP slip away without mentioning Brad. I sort of roped Brad into being my support crew. He was coming down to Arizona with us to enjoy some good riding. Instead I convinced him to help me ride in circles for 24 Hours. He did an amazing job. He was always ready with food, drink, endurolytes, chain lube, clothing, fresh batteries, and anything else I might have needed. He stayed up the entire night waiting for me to come around the loop, boss him around and then leave again. Thanks a million Brad. I could not have done nearly as well without the stellar help.

I knew he would be a good choice, because Brad himself is an accomplished racer. He is a multiple Brianhead 50 finisher, as well as an E12, E50 and E100 finisher. Not to mention one of the best in his class at the ICUP XC Series.

Really, thanks Brad. It was a ton of fun having you down there, and it was peace of mind knowing you were in the pits getting things ready for me while I was out on the laps.


  1. Dave Byers
    February 28, 2007

    Cool. I was fortunate to ride quite a bit of the E100 with Brad last August and it was a pleasure.

  2. Cellarrat
    February 28, 2007

    Seems having a crew is so key in a 24 hour gig!

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