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I was just starting to feel ready to get back on the bike when I was floored by a stomach virus. Nice. A couple more days of rest are in order I guess. My thoughts are starting to focus more and more on the road ahead. The Rim Ride is next, but so far all accounts from pre-riders are saying the same thing: The route is impossible to follow. Hmmm. I am still planning on doing a pre-ride of the course, but the race is perhaps up in the air. Time will tell. At worst I guess the race will be just a long day on the bike, even if I spend most of it off route.

A few other events are showing up on the radar as well. I have a clean slate for April, and I think I’d like to fill that with the Dawn ’til Dusk 12 Hour race in Gallup, NM. I need to work out a few logistical things before I can commit to it, but as of right now it is a real possibility.

My Van Dessel bikes are now both built and ready for action. The Ramble Tamble is a beauty. I have a White Bros. carbon rigid fork to lighten up the front end. This bike is going to see a ton of training miles this year. As well as a it’s fair share of XC race time.

Matched Pair, JD on the left, RT on the right

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  1. Dave
    February 27, 2007


    The SS looks great, nice color. As for the MRR, I’m still likely to haul on up the weekend after next (only time I could go). The section between the end of Sovereign and the start of Metal Masher/ Little Canyon Rim is a bit gray for me. Plus the issue of no water resupply that I’m aware of.

    Dave C

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