OP Photos

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Cycling News has some nice photos from Old Pueblo up. A few of the ones my Support chief Brad Mullen shot are here. That reminds me. I nearly let OP slip away without mentioning Brad. I sort of roped Brad into being my support crew. He was coming down to Arizona with us to enjoy […]

Moving Forward

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I was just starting to feel ready to get back on the bike when I was floored by a stomach virus. Nice. A couple more days of rest are in order I guess. My thoughts are starting to focus more and more on the road ahead. The Rim Ride is next, but so far all […]

More OP

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First, thanks for your positive comments. I am glad that you guys can relate to some of my thoughts. As promised, I thought I’d share a few things about the gear I used during the race. I realize this will be sort of a sponsor pimp, but I would only do this for gear I […]

Old Pueblo 2007

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24 Hour racing is an interesting endeavor. I go through the entire range of human emotion, from tears of pain to tears of joy. My body hurts, my mind gets tired, I question every decision I have ever made. But I am not suffering. I was riding along the smooth, fast stretch of dirt road […]

OP Quick Post

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13 laps. 14th place. Lots of good times. Lots of dust. I learned a lot, and made some good progress. I made some mistakes, but I was able to keep them to a minimum. Overall it was a good step forward. Live and Learn. I will have details, photos, and whatever else I can think […]

How I Roll

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My wife got me a great Valentines present… Speaking of rolling…it’s time to roll out to Tucson.

Safety VS. Self-Support

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An interesting discussion is happening over at MTBR.com. Mike Curiak has called into question some of the decisions made by the people racing the Arrowhead 135. This year the temps were extremely low, and conditions rather dangerous at the race. So, where do we draw the line? In what situation does personal safety trump personal […]


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I realized that the last time I really raced, was at the E100. In August. That was 6 months ago. Moab doesn’t count. Saturday cannot come quickly enough. Just for the sake of competition, camaraderie , and of course to put a salve on the addictive masochism of endurance racing. I need this. I need […]

Happy Hands

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Thanks to Jeff Kerkove I will be riding and testing Ergon grips this season. The grips are not new to my bikes. I started last year with them and like Dave said, I “never looked back.” In fact, there was a short time when one of my bikes had normal grips, and my wrists and […]

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