The Switchback 2

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I received a Switchback 2 today. Fist impressions? It’s very small, and very compact. the battery is light, and the head unit feels solid. It is a great looking light. The beam pattern on it is very even. I pulled out my Cateye DS to compare, and while the DS is slightly brighter at the spot, it has those terrible “target” style rings around the pattern. The SB2 spreads the light out nice and smooth. It is a beam pattern that is easy on the eyes.

The light comes with everything you need. Car charger, Euro adapter, helmet and bar mounts, straps and extra cable for when you want to store the battery in a pocket or pack.

I will get out in the next day or two and ride with it, and then provide more feedback. At this point I think I will be pairing with a Switchback 3.

My cheap camera struggles with the close up stuff, but here is a shot of the light unit, the battery and a Garmin Edge 305 for reference on the size of the total package.

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    March 10, 2007

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