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I have been stretching to find interesting things to write about lately. Today I really have nothing. My frames should be arriving soon, I am very excited to see them in person, and build them up into fine racing machines. Of course when they get here, I will post pictures…

The training train keeps moving forward. I have been focusing on short, intense workouts. I want to improve my burst power and my “get and and go” ability. The endurance is there, I feel like I can ride for days. I just want to be able to ride for days–faster.

Old Pueblo is fast approaching. I am excited to get down there, enjoy some nice weather (hopefully!) and ride around the clock. I still have that empty place where the 24 Hours of Moab was supposed to be. So the two-four craving is still there.

There may also be some news forthcoming on the lighting front. I will post details when I know what they are. Regardless, something needs to happen pronto so I can get a new system (if that is the case) dialed in pre-OP.

OK, I am out.

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