More Snow

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More snow today. It is adding up, so it looks like it could end up being a pretty hefty storm. The heat of summer is looking better and better.

I was thinking….

In 2003 Utah basically had 2 endurance races. The Brianhead Epic 100, and the 24 Hours of Moab. This year there are 7 counting the Rim Ride, and the KTR. If the 24 Hours of Soldier Hollow had not gone away, there’d be 1 more.

So in 4 seasons of racing, the number of events more than tripled. And like Dave points out, the competition is only getting better and better.

In other news…judging by the pictures we are seeing, I’d say Sager is feeling as free as ever right now.

When I was down in Guatemala, at the famous city of Tikal, I thought, this area would make an amazing bike race venue. There is a great mix of dirt roads, and single track trails winding through some of the Mayan worlds most spectacular ruins. Imagine the 24 Hours of Tikal, gliding through the misty jungle at 3 AM with the dark ominous pyramids shadowing you. Above in the jungle canopy the howler monkeys are screaming back and forth, their chilling voices echoing across miles and miles. The Podium could be on the steps of the signature “Pyramid 1” in the Great Plaza.

Yeah, that would be amazing.

Never head a Howler Monkey? Here you go. They are much louder in person.

Never seen Tikal? Here is a good site to visit.

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