Desert Bound

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In a few hours I am heading South to St. George. If all goes well, it will be good therapy. I need the hours, I need the time on the new bike, and I need to escape the soupy inversion of the Wasatch Front.

Bart’s case has been dropped.

That is excellent news. USADA actually did the right thing. There is some evidence that they may have even used common sense! Bart, way to fight the good fight, and come out on top. Congrats.

I think blogs, wristbands, newspaper articles and old fashioned world of mouth have really helped USADA realize the absurdity in all of this. Hopefully Sager, and the others facing suspensions will have their cases thrown out, so they can continue competing soon.

I think at this point a public apology is in order from USADA to the innocent athletes whose names were dragged through the dirt.

I think both Bart and Sager should come hammer the KTR. No entry fee, no prizes, no hype. Just you and your bike for 142 unsupported miles across the Colorado desert, and the Utah mountains. Last year’s race was simultaneously a new high, and a new low for me on the bike. I’d never suffered so much, and been so happy about it.

Details of the KTR are here.

Also, be sure to check out the new blogs from Dave Byers and fellow Van Dessel rider Lee Unwin.

Alright, the desert is calling. Pictures of the weekend coming Sunday.

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