The Rim Ride Moab

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The route is set. It looks to be epic. It covers some of my favorite trails in Moab including Sovereign, Gemini Bridges and Poison Spider. 95 miles of some of Moab’s best routes. It’s going to be a week’s worth of riding in one glorious day. Check out the details of the route and race […]

The Switchback 2

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I received a Switchback 2 today. Fist impressions? It’s very small, and very compact. the battery is light, and the head unit feels solid. It is a great looking light. The beam pattern on it is very even. I pulled out my Cateye DS to compare, and while the DS is slightly brighter at the […]

Saint George

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The weather and the riding in Saint George was great. No wind, no clouds, 60 degrees. We rode Bear Claw Poppy Friday night, then the Jem trail, and Gooseberry Mesa on Saturday. It was also the first real time on the Jersey Devil HT. How did it feel? Really nice. The bike felt light, compact […]

Desert Bound

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In a few hours I am heading South to St. George. If all goes well, it will be good therapy. I need the hours, I need the time on the new bike, and I need to escape the soupy inversion of the Wasatch Front. Bart’s case has been dropped. That is excellent news. USADA actually […]


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I am happy to say that Princeton Tec will be my lighting sponsor the the upcoming season. If you have followed this blog, then you know lights are a piece of equipment that are constantly on my mind. In August last year, at the Outdoor Retail show I saw the PT Switchbacks for the first […]

It’s Killing Me!

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The cold here is mind numbing. Literally. It has sapped any will to bundle up and brave the elements. So, it’s been a lot of indoor stuff lately. That has been going well, but I am dying to get out and play in some dirt. This weekend may provide that opportunity. St. George is the […]


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I thought I’d share some more details about the workout I posted yesterday. It is a Garmin Training Center pre-built workout. I loaded it onto the Edge and did it on the trainer. Having distance and speed data on the trainer has brought new life to those basement spins. If I was going too hard, […]

Sweet Pain

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Try this at home. click for biggie size

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