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I rode 2 hours this afternoon. Temps were very un-November like. It was almost like St. George.

As happens each year around this time, my mind turns to lights. Last year I spent a lot of time researching LEDs. The KTR was screaming for a lightweight, long burn light, and the Cateye Double Shot got the nod. I have been pleased with the DS since, but I do feel like I could use a flood light on my bars. The Triple Shot is a prime candidate, but to race with that set up, I need an extra battery for each light. Spares are nearly as much as the lights themselves….

Dinotte, I think makes the most attractive package on the market. Small, light, and bright. Try though as I may, I cannot get a hold of anyone in the offices. Hmmm….

I have also been thinking about a DIY set-up. The glaring problem there is that I have zero know-how with the subject. I found some nice potential housing pieces at Home Depot last night though. In the meantime I will keep an eye on Dave to see what new creation he comes up with in his latest endeavor.

Changing subjects…like Podcasts? Check out Endurance and Nutrition. It is a series of podcasts dealing with…endurance and nutrition! Episode 1 was a nice listen. Load ’em up on your mp3 player for that next stair master session.

And finally, I have a completely random link to share. If you like baseball, and you like snide humor, and you think sportswriters are idiots…then Fire Joe Morgan is a must read. The archives have had me in tears…go check them out!

And for today’s “Random photo from Central America…”

Another shot on the Rio Grijalva, Mexico

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