St. George

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The best way to cope with a Utah winter is to flee from it! With Lynda talking so much about the perfect riding conditions in St. George, I decided to see it firsthand. The Holley’s, Tim, and the other Adam (TOA) and I all went down for some sun, moon and desert.

Lynda and I met up for a night ride on the Bear Claw Poppy trail Friday night. Saturday me and the above mentioned Mad Doggers raged around the Jem trail. Afterwhich I got in the car and drove home….it was a much needed weekend in the sunny desert. I’ll exorcise those wet Moab demons one desert trip at a time!

The Friday night moon was nice!
The Bear Claw Poppy trail is full of helpful tips
Behind that light is Lynda on the Bear Claw Poppy trail

K.C. on the Hurricane Rim trail
Raging up the Hurricane Rim trail
Tim looking down on the Canal trail
One of the best trail signs I have seen

Remind me again why I love the desert….

Ah yes…that’s why!

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  1. Dave Harris
    November 5, 2006

    Dude, you’re killin’ me! Killer pics. The gem is an outstanding loop, one of my faves.

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