Grey Days

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Right now we are caught between fall and winter. There are signs of both seasons, but neither is dominating the other. A defining characteristic about this time is the grey, featureless days. The sun is a blur behind a shapeless mist.

Most of the local trails are gooey right now. One network that is still in good shape however is the Provo Canyon race course. There was once a thriving weekly series on this course, which has since been replaced by the Sundance/Soldier Hollow series. The races here were the first I ever did. Those were the races I met many of the people who are regular riding buddies now. The Gibson’s and Gillespie’s would turn 3 laps fast than I could do 2.

The races are long gone, but the trails remain a staple in my riding. They are a mix of tight turns, roller coaster ups and downs, long climbs and fast traverses. In fact, the course makes a great testing ground for new gear. It is where I go to test out new wheels, lights, components and even fitness. The race loop is an excellent off road TT route. So, while the races are gone, the trail remains a favorite. It is an “old standby”, a route that despite riding countless times, never seems to get old.


  1. Jason
    November 17, 2006

    I know what you mean. Damn, it’s been grey here for 7 days in a row with rain. Now it’s cold and grey. Later.

  2. Chris
    November 20, 2006

    Nice pictures. Your new format is choaking all over in Safari but works fine in Firefox, both on a Mac. I’ll check it at work on the PC tomorrow.

  3. Adam Lisonbee
    November 20, 2006

    That is odd. I usually use Safari, and it has been fine in the past. You are right though, it is messed up in Safari.

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