Catching Up

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The last few days have been busy. But I am back home now and settling into my everyday routine. I returned home from Vegas to snow and ice. Winter is here.

While in vegas I had a chance to ride out at Bootleg Canyon. I am not sure I rode the best the area has to offer, I found myself on a trail that was….well…terrible. After I rode I looked at the map again, and realized I was out on some unnamed trail. It had a few tire tracks, but I don’t think it is a well used route. Ah well…live and learn. If I get the chance to ride out there again I will know to avoid that particular trail.

I am going to try and figure out why my template is choking in Safari and IE. The odd thing is that it worked fine in those browsers when I first posted the new layout. Firefox reads it just fine…

Bootleg Canyon trails
Las Vegas in the distance

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