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I rebuilt the site, and it seems to be working better. On my end I can view it in IE, Safari and Firefox. How’s it look on your end?


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Not much to say beyond that. It’s cold!

Catching Up

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The last few days have been busy. But I am back home now and settling into my everyday routine. I returned home from Vegas to snow and ice. Winter is here. While in vegas I had a chance to ride out at Bootleg Canyon. I am not sure I rode the best the area has […]

More St. George

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On our way to Vegas, we stopped in St. George. So I rode. I hit the Bearclaw Poppy and Stucki Springs trails. It was a blast on the single. Time to hit the road…Vegas (and in-laws) await.


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Saturday the sun was out. The sky was blue. The temps were warm-ish. It was a great day for a ride. We hit Frank’s trail. On the SS it was a pain cave, but I managed to ride a lot of the climb. The trail was in mostly good condition, although the warmer temps had […]

Grey Days

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Right now we are caught between fall and winter. There are signs of both seasons, but neither is dominating the other. A defining characteristic about this time is the grey, featureless days. The sun is a blur behind a shapeless mist. Most of the local trails are gooey right now. One network that is still […]

Single Minded?

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Monday and Tuesday were 12 hour work days. Today was not. I was excited, because I got out on another ride today on my newly acquired GF Rig. It is a stock 2005 model that I picked up for a nice price locally. Does this mean my inner viking will try and manifest itself? Will […]


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Apparently USADA believes that athletes are the only people who are held accountable for their actions. Even when USADA admits (see the press release) that it is impossible to hold an athlete accountable, they still hold them accountable. It was determined that neither Sager nor Redpath were significantly at fault for the violation, which justified […]

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