Goofing off at Moab

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There was a fair bit of goofing off over last weekend. Here is some proof:



  1. DaveH
    October 20, 2006

    Cool video! Nice to see the lighter side of the event…

    What the heck is that thing with glowing eyeballs??

  2. Speedbuggy
    October 20, 2006

    Is that mistress Julie driving the van?

  3. allan
    October 20, 2006

    Nice video. Also,the new look of the blog is great.

  4. Jason
    October 21, 2006

    Great footage. You took one of my fave songs and gave me some great images to think of. Thanks! JM

  5. Dicky
    October 21, 2006

    Sweet. Better than actually being there.

  6. Adam Lisonbee
    October 21, 2006


    The glowing eye thing was our camp mascot. He is af loating head that says such gems as:

    “If you are to open minded your brain may fall out”

    We got him at the Moab City Market. Sadly, the shortend race stemmed my crew from ever really showcasing him. We had 3 AM plans for him out on the course.

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