Feeling It

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I am slowly getting my race legs back. At least it feels that way. Next weekend will be the proof. The solo roster is filling up. Lots of names that I recognize, and several that I don’t. As always, it will be a highly competitive race. This coming weekend should provide some interesting racing as well. The “World$” are taking place down in Georgia, and there will be plenty of big guns down there duking it out. all of them of course trying to knock Chris Eatough off his throne. If I were Stuart Dorland (and thank goodnes I am not) I’d be praying for a Eatough 7-peat. I could see him getting knocked off, and then saying “allright, it is time to move on to new events…” Once he is not there for everyone to chase will the event still draw a crowd? Who knows. I am just in a speculative mood tonight.

And speaking of speculating…I see Dave Harris, Nat Ross and Josh Tostado filling the podium spots at Moab. Perhaps even in that order. Nick Martin is a dark horse. He can ride like the wind, and has proven his durabilty in the dual class. How that all transfers into a 24 Hour solo is yet to be seen. Allthough I expect he will rip it up in true Nick Martin fashion, so seeing him on the podium, or closeto it will come as no surprise. Fred Wilkinson is always a contender as well. Add Dejay Birch in the mix on his SS and the solo field is going to rockin’.

The 24 Hours of Moab is as much an end to the race season as it is a beginning to the offseason. And offseason for me means looking forward to winter Moab trips. The white rim will be seeing alot of my tire tread this year. As will the desert half of the KT. St. George will be home for a few weekends as well. As long and cold as the winter here can be, there is something to be said for the type of riding I do that part of the year. Whether I am bundled up and hitting the road up here, or enjoying the pseudo winter of the south, it is a different mind set, absent of the direct pressure of upcoming races. Instead rides are filled with daydreams of hot summer days, early morning starts, and pinning the number on once again. And as usual, the summer will come, and then go, and the cycle repeats itself. Life moves quickly when you look at it in terms of training and racing.

Let’s hope I can move as quickly next Saturday.


  1. Chris
    October 5, 2006

    Podium dreams are a bit far off for me but I’m hoping for 13 or 14 laps. See you there!


  2. Adam Lisonbee
    October 5, 2006

    If you ride like you did at the E12 then 13 or 14 is well within your reach. It will be good to see you again!

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