Happy Halloween

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Have a safe, fun Halloween!

That Trip to Central America

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I have finally tracked down some photos from my adventures in Central America. Over the next little while I will be posting a random picture or two for your viewing pleasure. It will be better than reading about how the weather sucks, and that I am cranky trying to adjust to a new diet (more […]


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You may have seen this, as it is being linked around, but I could not resist posting it here. Does any image capture the agony and the ecstacy of endurance racing like this photo? Read the race report here.


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It is the time of year when things are pretty slow on the training front. I am just regrouping after a long season, getting ready to rinse and repeat. I have a new training plan just about ready to go for this winter. I got the idea this for it this evening when I took […]

For The Spin of It

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I dusted off the road bike this afternoon. I think the last time I rode it was….pre E100. It has been a bit cold this week here, but today the sun was out.

Goofing off at Moab

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There was a fair bit of goofing off over last weekend. Here is some proof: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNQdgCP9UZg]

New Look

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As you have probably noticed, I changed the look of the blog. Let me know what you think! Granny Gear posted results at last. They also address several of the issues that came up during and after the race. It appears that they are now better prepared for any situation that comes along similar to […]


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Moab…still no official word from Granny Gear. The aftermath of the race is defining the event, and that is not something I think Laird wants. People were in high spirits, caught up in the excitment of the weather made carnage on Saturday and Sunday. But now, with so many different scenerios being tossed around, silence […]

The 24 Hours of Huh What?

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The word about this year’s 24 Hours of Moab is starting to spread. The story this year is muddy. Literaly and figuratively. As of Monday morning no “official” results have been posted. There seems to be some rather disgruntled participants. Overall the event was really pretty disaterous, but none the less in the words of […]

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