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I had more E100 thoughts, but they seemed to have escaped me. The 24 Hours of Soldier Hollow has been cancelled. I can’t say I am totally surprised. It is a shame though, because that venue could support a pretty good 24 hour event.

I think I must be going through a mental vacation from training and racing right now. It actually feels pretty good. I am not plotting my next race, or training ride. I am not analyzing data from past events, or scowering the web for info about future courses or competition. I am just letting everything in the bike world pass on by as I get ready to leave the country for a while.

I am disapointed that I will miss most of September’s riding. Fall here is amazing. The trails are covered in leaves, the hills colorful, the temps perfect, and generally the masses have put away thier bikes and saddles and 4 wheelers and hiking boots. Which leaves the trails to ourselves for a while. Dave has a nice write-up about the draw of fall riding, check it out.

I am looking forward to returning from my trip, then gearing up to finish out ’06 with a bang. Moab is such a great way to end a season. This year will be no exception. I can almost smell the smoky campfire laden air, feel the crip fall desert air, and the sand filling my shoes….ah yes, Moab is a great way to end the season.

In the results category, I finished up fairing pretty well in the two series I participated in this year. I finished first in the E100 Overall for my age group (Dave H. took home the real overall honors) and I also finished 3rd overall in my age group in the Rocky Mountain Ultra Series. It has been a good summer of racing. I was thinking back on it yesterday…all the alpine singletrack, the PC trails, the endless climbing and roller coaster descents, I really coudn’t ask for more from the events I did this year, and they were all in-state. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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