Back From the Jungle

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Wow. An 18 day film shoot in the Mexican and Guatamalan jungle. We had a great time. Exhausting. Hot. Sweaty. Humid. But a great time none the less. We got incredible footage at places like Tikal, Teotihuacan, Palenque, and several more. We spent nights in junky little towns, 5 star hotels, and a riverside lodge […]

Viva Mexico!

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I will be in Mexico from September 10th through September 28th. But don’t worry, the regular scheduled blog will pick up again as soon as I am home. In the meantime, happy trails!

More Thoughts

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I had more E100 thoughts, but they seemed to have escaped me. The 24 Hours of Soldier Hollow has been cancelled. I can’t say I am totally surprised. It is a shame though, because that venue could support a pretty good 24 hour event. I think I must be going through a mental vacation from […]

Back at it

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Well. Last week I learned just how taxing the E100 was. I woke up Tuesday with achy joints and a head cold. I am still getting over those symptoms. My bike remains hanging in the garage, Park City mud still caked to the down tube, the number plate still zip tied to my cables. I […]

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