A Year in the Books

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One year ago today I started this blog. It came as a result from my terrible Brianhead Epic performance. I wanted a way to stay focused and accountable. I wanted a place to “jot down” my thoughts, race recaps, and really just a spot I could recount my (mis)adventures on the bike. It has been a ton of fun, and I appreciate all of you that take a little time out your day to peruse my ramblings. It has also been a great time over the last year or so for me to read your blogs. I feel like I have friends spread out all over the country because of these blogs we keep up. Some of you I have had the priveledge of racing with, and the rest of you, I hope for that opportunity!

Yesterday I had a good solid workout. I rode up in the Wasatch Back area for 3 hours, then followed that up with a 1 hour race at Soldier Hollow. The course was fun–tons of rollers and small burst climbs. It was a great interval workout, especially after 3 hours of saddle time before hand.

Good luck to these enduro freaks, and also to these crazy kats at the upcoming TransRockies Challenge. What an epic event that will be. Something on my “wish list” for sure.

This weekend I hope to do my best TR impersonation with a big ride up in the high country. That way I can pretend I am racing, and of course in those pretend races, I am always putting the wood to all the big names….Eatough, Tinker, Nat….yeah they can’t hold my wheel in my delusional fake races. I mean, that is IF I were to have delusional fake races….I was speaking hypothetically…yeah….er….uh, I gotta go.

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