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Click here for all the details of E100 Stage 4

Note: The actual distance of Stage 4 is closer to 17.5 miles, rather that the 16.3 tracked by my GPS.

Stage 4 in itself is not to hard. However, when followed by Stage 2, and then the long arduous climb from the bottom of Stage 3, it will be a burner. I am anticipating Stage 2 through the top of Stage 4 being the most difficult portions of the race. Race day may prove me wrong, but on paper those 50ish miles are the most daunting.

Stage 4 is a very scenic stage. After the brutal climb out of Silver Lake Lodge you will be treated to high mountain meadows, huge views of Heber Valley, Mnt. Timpanogos, Park City, and a lot more. Enjoy the views if you can, but know that some of those views come when you are on a narrow, loose section of single track that requires your full attention.

Stage 4 also contains what I think is the most technical riding of the entire race. It all comes late in the stage as you descend into PCMR. You will need to go through the tight twisty singletrack you climbed in Stage 2, and then you are faced with some very rocky sections of trail. Even when choosing the good lines, the sections are tricky. Oh, and we will encounter them about 75 miles into the race. The good news is that the sections are rather short, and once you get through them, you can say goodbye to stage 4 as you hit the pavement and coast into the aid station.

Map of E100 Stage 4

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  1. daveh
    August 22, 2006

    Yes, stage 2-4 is challenging. But don’t forget the opening big climb, and the climb of stage 5, well save a bit for that one cause it goes on and on and on.

    I think the hardest section is stage 1 to stage 5 🙂

    Thanks for the preview, stage 4 looks totally different than last year.

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