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I have been testing the new flavors of Accelerade drink and gel. The new drink is Lemonade flavor, and the gel is citrus orange. Accelerade is unique in that it is protein enhanced. They produce one of the only gels on the market that includes a 4:1 carb to protein ratio. How does it taste? So far so good. I have used the Lemonade as a recovery drink. It has a light smooth taste that is not to sweet. There is a bit of the “chalky” texture to it that is common in other protien enhanced drinks, but overall it goes down easy. It mixes up well without leaving clumps at the bottom of the bottle. I have also used it in a couple of recent smoothie recipes. It adds a nice lemon accent, and is an easy way to get some protein in them.

The gel also tasted pretty good. The protein in it gave it a bit of a different texture than gels I am used to, but the taste has a natural orange feel. It doesn’t taste like candy, like a lot of gels do. In fact, the gel was quite tasty. It was not so sweet that I had to immediatley wash it down with water. I was able to enjoy it a bit more than some gels, that sort of just need to be choked down.

I will contineu to test the flavors over the next few days, and add any more feedback. Overall the new tastes are very good. The common theme with both of them is a natural fruit flavor that is not sticky or sweet. I found myself looking forward to the large bottle of cold Accelerade that was waiting for me in the fridge last night as I finished up my ride.

Jeff Kerkove and Carl B. are also testing the product out, so check out their blogs over the next little while to see what they think.

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