Marking the Carnage

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I helped Boris mark The E100 course this morning. He and I took stage 4, while other teams of two, tackled stages 2 and 3. Boris himself marked stages 1 and 5 yesterday, so that means that the entire 100 miles is flagged.

Just riding stage 4 gave me a good idea just how epic The E100 will be. Boris has hit the nail on the head with his “mind over mountains” mantra. The trails this race will cover are unforgiving, steep, rocky, rooty, and spectacular.

Stage 4 offers up some huge views. The stage climbs up from Silver Lake Lodge in Deer Valley, up to very near the summit of the resort. The climb is on a steep, sandy fire road and will be anything but a relief 60 or so miles into the ride. The reward after the climb is miles of world class singletrack, yeah, the same kind of stuff you will be riding all day long. Honestly, is there a better hundie course in the world?

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  1. Travis Swicegood
    July 16, 2006

    During the marathon our there last week, I noticed a bunch of E-100 markers. Looks like the marathon course caught a few sections of it. It’ll definitely be an epic course.

  2. Dave in Driggs
    July 19, 2006

    How technical is stage #4 compared to the other PC trails you have ridden? Can you compare it to stage #1?

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