Looking Ahead

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What does the rest of the season hold in store for me? Well The E100 is the main focus right now. That will take place on August 26th. After that I hope to ride in the 12 Hour version of the 24 Hours of Soldier Hollow on September 9th. I will not be able to compete in the full 24 Hour race because on the 10th I am leaving for an 18 day film shoot in Mexico. After that trip, the 24 Hours of Moab in October.

Up to this point it has been a good season. I have had some great rides, and I feel that overall I have made some signifigant progress in my riding, and racing. The E12 didn’t go so well, but I learned some important things from it. I have also had the chance to meet a lot of good folks that I have had contact with through this blog, and that has been a lot of fun.

There are still a few months to go before the days get shorter, the temps cooler, and the gym more crowded. I fully intend to take advantage of as many days as possible out in the sun, and the high country.

There are a few races happening this weekened. Laramie, Brianhead, and of course the throw-down out at 9 mile. Who will be this year’s 24 Hour Nat’l champ? The big guns will be firing, but will we see a dark horse coming through with a surprise ride? Wish I could be there, perhaps next year…

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