To the Everyman

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“Who can we cheer with any kind of certainty? What too-good-to-be-true story is legit? Where does hopeful belief end and rampant cynicism begin?” -Pat Forde, I will tell you where. Too often, and for too long we have looked at our professional athletes as our source for inspiration, and heroism. Far too long we […]

Looking Ahead

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JUST SAW THIS…….WTF?!? What does the rest of the season hold in store for me? Well The E100 is the main focus right now. That will take place on August 26th. After that I hope to ride in the 12 Hour version of the 24 Hours of Soldier Hollow on September 9th. I will not […]

The Endurance 50

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The weekend started off well, with good food and good company. Dave and Lynda and I had dinner friday night, along with Lynda’s husband and kids. It was a relaxing evening, perfect for a pre-race atmosphere. Lynda’s husband, Steve also helped us out with our drop bags during the race. It was a big help, […]

E50 Quick Post

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The E50 went well. 87 solos started, about 60 finished. The weather was good and trails were awesome. I had a pretty good ride, coming in 14th overall, and 2nd in my age group (20-29) with a time of 5:41. The course was epic, with some huge climbs, crazy fast descents, and big views. I […]

It’s That Time Again

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Time to race. I am feeling good. My legs feel good, my mind is ready, and most of all…I am just plain excited to go compete. Maybe it is the Tour, perhaps it was Dicky’s TR sweepstakes, or maybe it’s just that time again. Competing brings all the training together into a consolidated effort. The […]


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Wow, the tour is going to come down to the final TT. Landis was incredible today.

Busy Week

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I am having a busy week. My little brother gets married tomorrow. I have managed to get a few rides in though. Rains has fallen the last 2 days, so that bodes well for Saturday’s trail conditions. What happened to Landis?

It’s Hot!

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I got a short road ride in this evening, after the temps cooled down to the mid 80s. Tomorrow I am going to get up early and drive to my parents and watch the Tour. I love big uphill finishes and they don’t get much better than tomorrow. I would guess that this will be […]

Marking the Carnage

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I helped Boris mark The E100 course this morning. He and I took stage 4, while other teams of two, tackled stages 2 and 3. Boris himself marked stages 1 and 5 yesterday, so that means that the entire 100 miles is flagged. Just riding stage 4 gave me a good idea just how epic […]

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