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With a surge in work, and trying to get everything ready for tomorrow, I have been buried. But things are calming down now, my stuff is organized for the race, and I am feeling pretty good. Temps are going to be HOT! and I think they will play a big role in this race. I will have no shortage of electrolytes, and cold towels.

Check back Sunday some time for a recap.

Good luck to everyone else racing this weekend. Seems to be a multitude of 12 Hours races tomorrow. Also, be sure to check out the various GDR blogs over the next few weeks. 2500 lonely, self-supported miles from Canada to Mexico. Now that is epic! Good luck to all involved.


  1. Dicky
    June 23, 2006

    Be sure to stop during the race and take some recon photos for me. I want to do the E100 Jan Ulrich style (watching videos of the course the night before in a hotel while being fed grapes by half naked women).

  2. Jason
    June 25, 2006

    Hope all went well for you. Saw Dave Harris won. Hope you were up there too!

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