More Sundance

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So…Sundance has been the theme this week. I went and rode the course again with Tim, Chris and KC. Those 3 by the way all did very well in Durango last week at the Iron Horse. My legs are feeling good, bike is running well, it is all systems go at this point.

I am getting excited about the upcoming 12 Hour race. It will be an opportunity to race with a few bloggers I have wanted to meet, and an opportunity to see how the “post-KTR” vibes translate on the trail. What am I talking about? Well the KTR was a big confidence booster for me. I learned alot about my limits, and how to push them. I know I could have been faster that day had I raced smarter in the early going, and been mentally tougher inthe miles between Westwater and Rabbit Valley. Oh well, live and learn, and come back the next time better….and faster.

There will be some amazingly fast guys at the E12, but I am feeling confident that I can be competitive. And wether I can or not, I plan on riding my butt off. I want to use the race as an opportunity to “take it up a notch.”

Here are some cryptic numbers that relate to the E100 series. If you have done the series, then they will probably make sense, and you will see that they are quite ambitious.

13, 5.5, 11

Good luck to everyone at the Mohican 100, The Grand Loop, and any other race you might find yourself lining it up at it this weekend.


  1. DaveH
    June 3, 2006

    Thems are big #s Adam! But you are a different rider this year. KTR looks to have been your “coming out” party.

    Good luck this weekend and see ya in a few weeks.

  2. Dave in Driggs
    June 5, 2006

    13, 5.5, 11!!!

    Wow. That is all I have to say about that.

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