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I have started packing for the KTR. There is not a ton to get together, but enough that I needed to get a day or two jump on it. I will leave Thursday morning. That afternoon I will do a bit of recon in the Fruita area, and then Friday morning I will drive a bit of the course out of Moab.

In the meantime it is just R&R.

I went on a short night ride last night to test a couple of things. The Doubleshot works pretty well as a bar light. It is actually brighter than my HID, just not as wide. The bar mount sucks though on it. For the race I will run the Eos on my head, and the Doubleshot on the bars.

I do not think there will be cell coverage out on the trail, but I may try and get some Audio posts done before and after the race. Perhaps I will have my little bro. call in some updates as well.


  1. Chris
    May 10, 2006

    Good luck! This is the last I’ll be online until Sunday. Can’t wait to hear the stories!!!

  2. Jason
    May 11, 2006


    Good luck and be safe. Don’t drink any water with rattlesnake turds and bring home some killer stories.


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