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I hit some singletrack again today. That was after I went out and pre-rode the Thanksgiving Point race course. 10 miles, 100ft of elevation, and constant turning. I mean constant! It is disorienting. You have no sense of distance, or direction, you just turn and turn on a loose bumpy excuse for singletrack as you wind through fields. It really isn’t very fun. I am having second thoughts about racing. In fact, I don’t that I can pull it off anyway. My wife leaves for Italy Saturday morning. I don’t know that I want to get the 3 kiddies out of bed at 7AM and drop them off at my grandparents. Maybe I will take them to the race, cheer the team on and hand out Recover-Ease samples.

Speaking of Recover-Ease, the stuff works wonders! The KTR kicked me around pretty good. I was hammered after the race. Usually after a long endurance race it takes me 2-3 weeks to get back to feeling normal. With Recover-Ease, it has only taken about 10 days to feel like I am back to my normal self again. That is saying something, because honestly, the KTR kicked the crap out of me. I know “how you feel” is very subjective, but I am very impressed with the recovery benefits I have been experiencing.

Something that is not going to recover from the KTR are my shoes. After 4 seasons I think they have run their course. The KTR knocked the few remaining treads off, and now I am starting to get hot spots in them due to the soul thinning to almost nothing. So, that puts me in the market for some shoes. I have my eye on a few from Diadora, Adidas, Shimano and a few others. The pair I have been running the last 4 years were a pair of Specialized BG shoes. They have been a good pair, and have held up well over a ton of abuse. I may get another pair of them, but I wanted to see what else is out there.

As far as training goes, it is nearly time to start ramping it up to get ready for the E12 coming up on June 24th. The snow is melting, the days are long, and that means that the high country trails are just about ready to ride. That means big fat days on the mountain bike are ahead. I’d like to get up in the Wasatch Back and enjoy the many dirt roads and singletrack as I prep for the E12. Of course, there will be some road days up and over the Alpine Loop as well.

OK, I am out.


  1. Jeff Kerkove
    May 24, 2006

    I’ll 2nd your comments on Recover-Ease. I am sold.

  2. dicky
    May 24, 2006

    I recently gave up on my old shoes (I had three pair of the same Shimanos). I forked over the dough for a pair of Shimano 181L’s. They feel awesome and are well ventilated. Not tooo stiff for endurance racing (hike-a-bike), but stiff enough to feel the difference. Nice and roomy toe box, and I love shoes with a ratchet buckle.
    Recover-Ease? I’ll stick with gorging on unhealthy foods and lite beer. I don’t recover any quicker, but I sure do enjoy it.

  3. Chris
    May 24, 2006

    E12 eh? It’s on the schedule in the back of my mind assuming I can talk the wife and an unsuspecting friend to come with me and crew on yet another trip 🙂 Maybe I will see you there.

  4. DaveH
    May 24, 2006

    Such difficult decisions you have. Wasatch Back today or Alpine Loop?

    I don’t know how you cope;)

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