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Today was pretty low key. I took the kids to the XC race, watched the start, then bailed. It was windy and cold, so the kids were miserable. I came home and watched the two semi-final NCAA lacrosse games. It brought back good memories of my college lacrosse days.

Not much else is going on right now. I registered for the E100 “triple crown”. That is all 3 of the E100 series races. 12 Hours, 50 miles, 100 miles. That is a lot of singletrack to negotiate this summer. I may also add the Deer Valley NORBA Marathon race to my schedule. Weird thing about that one, it is on a Thursday morning. Anyone know if I can race the Open/Pro category on a one day license?

Next week is up in the air for training. I may have to revert to the trainer to get in the time I need. With no easy access babysitters, and a wife enjoying a vacation in Italy (with my parents, all my siblings, my cousins…you get the idea) I will have to get in rides when I can. That is, if I can. Otherwise it is basement time after bedtime. Ah, the price you pay to be a mid-pack enduro racer….hehe!

I wonder how the boys out in Nebraska did at the Branched Oak 12 hour?

Old Skool! Me in white, 2001 BYU VS. Colorado State

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  1. Travis Swicegood
    May 28, 2006

    I think you have to carry a NORBA license to race in any of the NMBS races unless you’re racing Sport or Beginner. The NORBA officials are pretty good about getting back to you via email though, so I’d shoot ’em on.

    That Thursday race is going to make it hard for those of us who get paid to do things other than race bikes, that’s for sure. I guess it just shows how much NORBA really wants to get the marathon going as a big pull.

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