DIY 29" Tubeless

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Looking to convert your 29er to tubeless? Here is an affordable alternative to some of the kits that are out on the market right now.

What you will need

26″ tubes
A pair of scissors
Stans sealant

Step 1: Cut the tube open.

Cut the 26 inch tube open. Most tubes have a seam at the top, just follow the seam for a nice straight cut. Make sure and cut the top of the tube, opposite the valve stem.

Step 2: Fit the tube on the rim.

Once the tube is cut, stretch it around the rim. When the tube is stretched around the rim, center it so an equal amount of tube is hanging off the sides. I like to run my finger down middle of the rim, pushing the tube down into the rim a bit better. This will make for easier tire seading.

Step 3: Mount the tire

Install your tire. The first time around I had all kinds of trouble getting the tire to mount without messing up the stretched tube. To solve that problem, I taped the tube onto the rim every few inches. This held the tube in place while I worked the tire on.

Step 4: Pour in Sealant

With a few inches left to mount on the tire, pour your Stan’s sealant into the tire. For my Maxxis Ignitors, 1.5 scoops does the job. Finish mounting the tire. You may have to re-center some of the tube at this point. Gently tug on it to make sure that none of it is bunched up in the tire, and that a somewhat equal amount is hanging off the edge of your rim.

Step 5: Inflate the tire

Soak the sidewall of the tire with soapy water and inflate it. I had success using a floor pump to get the tire to sead, but you may need an air compressor or air cartridge to do the trick. Once the tire is inflated, rotate it back and forth to circualte the sealant. The soapy water should let you know if any air is escaping.

Step 6: Trim

Trim the excess tube. I found it was easiest to gently pull away the excess as I cut. In order to get a nice looking, tight cut, trim as close as you can to the tire and rim. I wouldn’t recommend using a razorblade, as it would raise the chances of a slashed sidewall. I used some small scissors and just snipped away at it.

Does it work? Others that have been running this set up have not reported any problems. I will be running this set up this weekend in an XC race. If all goes well it will proablably be my set up for the KTR as well.


  1. StupidBike
    May 4, 2006

    Adam, this was my first tubeless set up a few years ago, the wife and i had BMX tubes (for 26″ wheels) and home made liquid latex, worked like a dream, definatley cheaper than 20 dollar rim strips.

    se ya saturday.

  2. Dicky
    May 4, 2006

    Man, I don’t know. One XC race does not a success make. I can’t imagine doing the KTR on something new (for you). Not saying it won’t work, but I would wanna put a lot of miles on something like that.
    Ticket purchased BTW.

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