Shake Down

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I am planning a “KTR shakedown” ride tomorrow. I will be heading out into the desert between Route 73 and Eureka. There are several jeep roads out there, and using Google Earth I mapped out a big 60 mile loop. The two main objectives I have for tomorrow are 1) Get my gear selection nailed down, and 2) get some long miles in at race pace. I have my Wingnut 3.0X prototype packed up just as I plan on having it for the KTR.

I loaded the pack this afternoon and it came in at 17 lbs. To heavy I think. I trimmed some fat, mostly in the form of liquid, and right now it sits at 12.5 lbs. That is more managable, but still a bit heavy. Tomorrow will be a good indicator I hope of what stuff is just coming along for the ride, and can be left home for the KTR.

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  1. Chris
    April 25, 2006

    My pack was 15lbs for leadville last year. Too heavy. I had a sore back at 40 miles and I never have back problems. This year it will be maybe half that and almost everything but water will be mounted to the bike.

    With the wingnut and the extra requirements of the KTR I think 12.5lbs is reasonable. Good luck! I wish I was out riding today.

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