November Rain?

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If we could take the time to lay it on the line
I could rest my head
Just knowin’ that you were mine
All mine
So if you want to love me
then darlin’ don’t refrain
Or I’ll just end up walkin’
In the cold November rain

It is freezing outside. 37º currently. What is up with that? It feels like late November again. The rain falling today turned to snow briefly. I just don’t have the heart to suit up in my winter clothes. I think I will hit the gym. Maybe some stair master for oldtimes sake, then hit the spin class.

Remember all those posts at various blogs wishing away the winter, and beckoning the arrival of the race season? Well, wish no more. The race season is in full swing now, and you can feel it in the air. Or at least read about it in magazines and web forums, and of course other blogs. I am really looking forward to reading people’s race reports from T.I. V2 this year. The race happens on April 29th, just in time to get me all amped up and inspired for the KTR. I have said it before, and I will say it again…KTR just gets me excited. It is totally different than anything I have done before.

Good luck to everyone putting down the hammer at the slew of races happening this weekend.

C’mon admit it…there never was a better music video than November Rain

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