Enter The Dragon

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Keith cranks up Dragon’s Back
Today I rode Dragon’s Back with Keith. The trail was rocky, but as usual it was fun. We rode down it, then turned around and cranked up it. The pitch reaches 23% at one point. Climbing Dragon’s back takes a viking approach. You just have to hack away at it, grinding up the steep rocky grades. It can get messy, tires can peel out, breathing can get uneven and labored, profanity can even sometimes be heard. Today though we were somewhat graceful on the climb. Score 1 for the ninja. The trail is in about as good a shape as it ever is. It is not a popular horse route, and thus it is not chewed up that way. The great challenge lies in the loose baseball size rocks that litter the trail. It is these shale like rocks that give the route its name. This time of year, and with the amount of rain we’ve had, the trail is relativley tight. As we dodged rocks we didn’t have to deal with loose dirt underneath. So, we were able to ninja a climb that is normally conquered viking style.

Heres to the ultimate Ninja


  1. Dicky
    April 20, 2006


    Bruce has nothing on my boy.

  2. Dicky
    April 20, 2006

    Stupid html tag thing. So you can’t see the image of my bad mf’ing viking, but I assure you he is a nasty boy.

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