Crystal Clear

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Utah Valley from Provo Canyon

The last few days have been perfect riding days. The weather could not be better. That rain I thought was coming? Yeah, it was obliterated by sunshine and temps in the high 60s. Yesterday was another 40 miles on the road and today I got out on the 29er and hit the trails. They were dry and tight. In spots they were torn up from horses whose very trail savvy riders decided that muddy days were ideal for horseback riding. Last night the moon was full and bright. The sky was crystal clear. I can only hope that 1 month from today the same conditions exist. A clear night sky and a full moon will make the first 5 hours of the KTR that much more enjoyable.

Last night’s moon

Tuesday’s Road Ride


  1. walkert
    April 14, 2006

    Hi Adam,

    I read over some of your blog. Good stuff! Good luck on your longer rides of the season.

    Walker T

  2. Chris
    April 14, 2006

    Isn’t the beautiful weather great? It cracked the 80’s here!


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