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Today’s 4 hour off road effort toasted me. But I felt good on the bike. There was lots of climbing today, 5052 feet in 35 miles. I rode for 2 hours, then met up with some other Mad Dog peeps for our Thursday night group ride. The weather was perfect, the company was good, and the legs were happy. All in all a nice afternoon on the bike. I also ran into 2 guys, both riding Salsa Dos Niners. How often does that happen?

I finally got around to messing with some video I have taken over the last few months. Below are some snippets from various rides. The final mountain stuff in the video is from today. Enjoy!



  1. DaveH
    April 21, 2006

    Hey, that video thing looks fun. How come you keep cussing? I thought your blog was G rated 🙂

  2. Carl Buchanan
    April 21, 2006

    Nice vid Adam. Excellent job pointing out the H2.

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