Trail Building

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We got some good work done today on the trail that goes up Battle Creek Canyon. I don’t have to much to say about it, we moved a lot of rocks, widened several sections of trail, and otherwise had a good morning of manual labor. Below are a few pics. (sweet hard hats I know!) […]

Squaw Peak Redux

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Today I rode up Sqaw Peak again. I followed it up with the mild 4 mile climb up the South Fork of Provo Canyon. This weekend is the last of the hard efforts I will do before the KTR. The one exception will be next week’s XC race. In other words, it is nearly taper […]

Squaw Peak Road

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If you have been following this blog since last summer, then you have read about Squaw Peak Road. It is one of my favorite places to climb. It has been repaved in the last year or so, and consists of many tight, steep windy switchbacks. The road climbs just over 2000 feet in 4.3 miles. […]


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I think it is fairly obvious what I forgot on yesterday’s ride. Doh!

Long Day

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I decided at the last minute to alter my planned route in the desert. Instead I stuck closer to town, and rode on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. I was able to get 6 hours, 52 miles, and 8500 vertical done. I was also able to test out some gear for the KTR. So both objectives […]

Shake Down

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I am planning a “KTR shakedown” ride tomorrow. I will be heading out into the desert between Route 73 and Eureka. There are several jeep roads out there, and using Google Earth I mapped out a big 60 mile loop. The two main objectives I have for tomorrow are 1) Get my gear selection nailed […]

Share the Road

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Four Share the Road signs went in on State Road 68 on Saturday. I just didn’t have the heart to attend. Seeing the news story, and file footage from the accident scene was troubling enough. I am glad though that many others did attend. I am glad it got some news coverage, and I am […]

5 Mile Pass Pre-Ride

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We pre-rode the 5 Mile Pass race course today. It was dry and fast. This is a course that can be dusty and loose, but right now it is in prime condition. We had a good time out there, it was our largest Mad Dog team ride of the year so far. The weather is […]


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Today’s 4 hour off road effort toasted me. But I felt good on the bike. There was lots of climbing today, 5052 feet in 35 miles. I rode for 2 hours, then met up with some other Mad Dog peeps for our Thursday night group ride. The weather was perfect, the company was good, and […]

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