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Nothing happening today. I am trying to get some details worked out that will allow me to ride part of the Kokopelli Trail (Dewy to Loma) on Friday the 17th, then get back into Moab for a one-day White Rim tour on the 18th. I just need to find a way back to either Dewey, if I park there, or all the way back to Moab if I get dropped at Dewey. I need to talk to some of the people heading down for the White Rim trip to see if they want to pick me up in Loma. Yeah I know…good luck!

The word on the street is that my teammate and riding buddy, Chris Holley smoked the field down at the first ICS race in St. George on Saturday. I am not surprised. He put down the fastest overall lap down at OP a couple weeks ago, and has been in top form since last spring. I wonder how the rest of the team did?

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    This week is a busy one with work, but I should be able to get some good speed work done. Outdoors would be ideal, but If I need to I may hit up the spin class at the gym (gasp!). I have to say that I really disdain the spin classes a the gym. Do we really need to be yelled out by some chick in the dark blasting techno music? Ah well, they can be wonderfully painful workouts, and perhaps the techno yelling will sharpen my mental endurance skills?

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