Merry Christmas?

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I awoke this morning to snow falling. I get home from work and there is a package waiting for me containg a new flat bar and a pair of these. I also recieved a box this week with a Wingnut Gear Hyper 2.5 inside. My first impressions are that the 2.5 is going to be along with me for a lot of miles this year. It is very impressive. I thought for a moment that Christmas had returned.

I learned recently that I will be a part of Team Recover-Ease. I have been using the product in my workouts for the last few weeks and I am enjoying the results. I will be handing out samples at the events I ride in this year, so make sure and grab a few packets from me.

I updated my sidebar. I took a page out of Jeff’s book and installed a new menu. Now if I can just find an image rotator script that I can understand, I will be able to show off multiple headers. For now though the scripts and instructions make my head spin.

And speaking of spinning….I hit up 2 spin classes this week. I will admit that I actually enjoyed them (gasp!). They are a great way to get in some high intesity workouts. I think I will continue going 2-3 times a week for the next 6-8 weeks.

Snow is forcasted for the next 3 days. Remember that bit about winter coming back and taking one last big bite? Well it appears that it has happened once again. It will probably not be the last time either.

Allright I’m out. Gotta get some rest.


  1. Travis Swicegood
    March 10, 2006

    Hey Adam, your link to the Wingnut site is broken (you forgot the “http://” at the beginning). Thought I’d let you know 🙂

    Have you used one of those low rider systems before? It seems like it’d render jersey pockets useless, but does it have places that are easily accessible to use instead of them? Definitely looks interesting. Hope there’s some field test posts about it once you get to use it.

  2. Dicky
    March 10, 2006

    Wingnut bastadges.
    Still waiting to see one up close and personal.

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