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I am still thinking a lot about lights. I am happy so far with the doubleshot, I have not had an opportunity to get out with it, but the set up is nice, the beam is bright, and it is not a super heavy package. The bar mount is a weak spot, it doesn’t fit very well on OS bars, and with the way mine is set up, the shifters get in the way. Not a huge deal since the doubleshot will spend most of its time on my head.

I am toying with the idea of selling my HID set up. I have a Niterider Blowtorch 2.0 with a spare battery. It includes a bar mount and fast charger. The burn time is about 4 hours. Email me or leave a comment if you are interested.

Does this make sense to anyone?


  1. Chris
    March 23, 2006

    The Tyler link is all over Colorado. It’s pretty retarded but Tyler agreed not to race so that no one will get suspended. It’s just a local crit series that so far has had 2 out of 3 races canceled due to snow.

    I will try to have some DIY led light pictures for you in a couple weeks.

  2. Guitar Ted
    March 23, 2006

    That’s crazy! Forced ostracization. (Is that even a word?) It’s like blackmail, isn’t it? Or blackballing, I guess that’s a better term.

    Look, the guy has had his lifes work, love, and passion taken away from him. Everytime someone sees that boyish face, they are going to think about doping. Leave the guy alone! I don’t support doping, but this is over the top!

  3. Travis Swicegood
    March 24, 2006

    I think it’s just the UCI feeling that they were having noses collectively thumbed at them. “But Tyler’s banned, why is he racing?” Personally, I think it’s an overreaction on their part. What’s next? You can’t train with him? You’re supposed to let the air out of his tires every time you see him? You can’t even hang out at the friendly (insert week night) pedal ’til you puke ride? I mean, isn’t a group ride just another word for an unsanctioned race?

  4. ERic
    March 24, 2006

    Ahhh…such power! Can you feel the power, the oppression, the hell that an unchecked governing body can put over its constituents. Ohhh the weakness of those spineless jellyfish at USAC for not telling UCI to eat poo. Just imagine USAC (the UCI lapdog) as the governing body over all endurance racing in the US.
    Eric (Super E)

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