Off to the Races

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Tomorrow morning I am heading out to St. George for the Cholla Challenge. I have been chomping at the bit the last few weeks getting ready to compete. Saturday should be a good indicator of where I am with my fitness, but also it will just be a lot of fun to hammer for a […]

Looking Forward

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The last couple of days have had a strange duality to them. I still feel an empty pit in my stomach. I still am haunted by the events that transpired Saturday. But I am also happy to be alive and well. I am happy I was able to ride around the block last night with […]

At a Loss

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Saturday was supposed to be one of those great cycling days. The weather was great, the legs were snappy and we had a solid group of riders heading out. It all went sour just 15 minutes after we left the parking lot in Lehi, UT. Bill Corliss clipped the wheel in front of him and […]

Running on Empty

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I set out yesterday for what was going to be a 3-4 hour road ride. After 90 minutes I was cooked. So I packed it in and went home. Tomorrow there is a 90 mile group ride heading out at 9:45AM. It should be good times, assuming I have the legs to get me around […]

Light Thinking

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I am still thinking a lot about lights. I am happy so far with the doubleshot, I have not had an opportunity to get out with it, but the set up is nice, the beam is bright, and it is not a super heavy package. The bar mount is a weak spot, it doesn’t fit […]

100 Miler Ultra Series

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News of a new National Ultra Endurance Series is cropping up this morning. Check it out here also. The last couple days it has just been rest and recovery. The big weekend in Moab kicked me around pretty good, but I am feeling the urge to get back at it. If the weather holds, I […]

Wide Open Spaces

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Wide Open Spaces

The scheduled rain was running late. We didn’t hang around to see if it would show. We arrived in Moab Friday morning and were ready to ride within the hour. My plans to scout the Kokopelli Trail were thwarted by previous wet days. All reports indicated the the La Sal section of the trail was […]

Braving the Storm

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The Moab Weekend ForcastA few of us from the Mad Dog Cycles team are heading to Moab in the morning. I will be doing some Kokopelli Trail scouting on Friday, then on Saturday we are planning on riding the White Rim. The weather could scuttle some, or all of our plans. We shall see. If […]

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