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Dave Harris commented today on the mind game that is Endurance racing. He points out that blogs have had an effect on how a racer prepares for these events. He is right. I think other rider’s blogs effect both our physical and mental preparation for a race. I read up on what certain people are doing, and I can get a picture of where they are at with thier fitness. In turn I can get an idea of where I am compared to the level they are at. It would be an interesting study to look at race results compared to what people post on thier blog before a race.

Blogs are an interesting part of our culture. There is no denying the effect they can have. Remember election season 2004? Blogs played a huge part in the campaigning of both Presedential candidates. In fact, I think both candidates had blogs of thier own. The cycling blogosphere is growing rapidly. Especially it seems, in the endurance world. I guess that all day, lung suffering, leg draining, soul searching rides are something people like sharing stories about. When I think about it, there is not one epic ride or race that I have done that did not give birth to a good story.

In the coming posts I would like to share some of those stories. I guess you could call this the first Epic Riding series. Perhaps I have been overly influenced by this guy and the multiple series that he has been posting.

Now the questions is….where to begin.


  1. DaveH
    February 28, 2006

    So many epics…so much potential.

    I look forward to your stories!

  2. Guitar Ted
    February 28, 2006

    I didn’t do it! It was a foriegner!

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